Imagine the City of Tempe more than 100 years ago: The skies over the area were quiet, yet to be traversed by planes taking off and...


Being hired as a firefighter is an intensely competitive process – especially under current economic constraints. However, the Tempe...

Community & Charities

For the Tempe Firefighters, our work in the community doesn’t end when the fire has been put out or the accident has cleared. We...

We're your friends, your neighbors, folks who care about this city as much as you do.

In the middle of the night. First thing in the morning. Birthdays. Holidays. Every day. Around the clock. The men and women of the Tempe Fire Department and the members of the Tempe Firefighters Union are always ready to answer your call for help. We're dedicated to providing for your safety - whether in a fire, a medical emergency, a water rescue or a traffic accident.

We're your friends, your neighbors, folks who care about this city as much as you do. That's why our work doesn't stop with the end of a shift. We're committed to our community and strive to make a positive impact year-round with involvement in various charity projects that help families all over Tempe. Together with our fellow chapters in Local 493, the Tempe Firefighters help raise about $1 million for charity annually.


The 5th Annual Rich Woerth Charity Bash (February 25, 2017)

Join us for​ brews, blackjack and beats ​to benefit the Tempe Fire Fighters Charities! Enjoy live music from the band Elvis Before Noon, craft beer and casino games.

Pedal Haus Brewery
730 S. Mill Ave #102
Tempe, AZ

Tickets: $35 online and $45 at the door


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